Short Code Services

Short codes are shared 5 or 6 digit virtual numbers that are used for two-way communication between companies and customers and are integrated across all telecom operators.

Short Codes are used with Keywords. A keyword is a unique word that is assigned to a short code number. When a customer sends an SMS with that specific keyword, they will receive an automatic preset reply within a few seconds. If you use URL forwarding, customized replies can be sent.

You can obtain entire information pertaining to your specific Short Code like keywords and sub keywords used, mobile numbers of customers who have messaged including the sent time and location, etc.

There are two types of Short Codes – Dedicated and Shared

Dedicated Short Codes - Clients are assigned an exclusive short code that works only for their particular business.

Shared Short Codes – Clients share the short code with other businesses. Each business is assigned a particular keyword and the responses are mapped accordingly.



  • - Free auto reply
  • - Unlimited keywords for dedicated long codes
  • - Live tracking and reports on web interface
  • - Integrate long code with applications through our APIs
  • - Integrated across all telecom operators
  • - 24x7 technical support
  • - 99% uptime


Short Codes are generally used for the following purposes.

  • - Voting
  • - Polling
  • - Contests
  • - Customer Feedback
  • - Exam/test results
  • - Online draw
  • - Lead generation
  • - Buy content (music, images, etc)